Focus on a Differentiated Approach to Dividends (September 2020)

On Wednesday, September 30th, Douglas Pospisil Partner and Portfolio Manager, Jeff Tory, Chairman, Partner, Director and Portfolio Manager and Fiona Tan, Associate, client services described how traditional growth investors approach investing in companies that pay a dividend.

Key Takeaways

1. The two primary contributing factors to equity returns over a long period of time are 1) earnings growth and 2) dividends. Valuation changes can have a meaningful impact on returns in any given 10-year period but over time, valuations have a negligible impact;
2.  Small-cap dividend stocks are an overlooked asset class resulting in more valuation inefficiencies.;
3. Pembroke has a differentiated strategy backed by a track record of outperformance. This strategy is built from the firm’s bottom-up research expertise combining an exposure to growth and yield backed by strongly aligned management teams.

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