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Every year, Pembroke client service professionals meet with hundreds of Pembroke clients. Every year, the Pembroke investment team meets with hundreds of innovative, fast-growing companies.

Therein lies the potential for insight: insight about what interests our clients and insight about how innovative growth companies are changing the world.

In Pembroke Perspectives and the other documents and reports below, we try to bring these insights together, to inform our clients and help them with their investment decisions.


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Perspectives is Pembroke’s quarterly newsletter that sums up market activity and changes in our holdings while providing insight into Canadian, US and global markets for the quarter ahead. It’s usually around 18 pages – so yes, that’s a deep dive. But we also think it’s a rewarding read and that’s been confirmed by our clients.

When it comes to your investments and your financial security, there is value in the details.

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Learn more about the entrepreneurial companies and leaders we meet on our road trips, both current holdings in our portfolios and holdings from years gone by. You’ll find they all have a lot in common. See all portfolio stories here.


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