GBC Funds to be Rebranded as Pembroke Funds

GBC Logo

The GBC family of mutual funds will be rebranded as Pembroke funds during April when our prospectus is renewed. This is being done to make it clear that the funds are managed by Pembroke Private Wealth Management. While the GBC name will disappear, there is no change to the investment objectives or strategies of the funds.

The GBC brand can be traced back to 1929 when the Great Britain and Canada Investment Company was created. This company has had several names over the past 91 years, and is now refered to as The GBC American Growth Fund Inc. Pembroke has been managing the fund since 1968 and when we created our private client division in 1988, it was called GBC Asset Management.

Almost ten years ago, GBC Asset Management was renamed Pembroke Private Wealth Management, and the time has now come to rename the funds as well. The name change will see all existing GBC funds renamed as Pembroke funds, and the existing Pembroke family of pooled funds will see their names changed slightly to distinguish them from the mutual funds.