Focus on On-line Learning (October 2020)

On Wednesday, October 28th, Jeff Tory, Chairman, Partner, Director and Portfolio Manager, David Whittall, Partner and  Chief Risk Officer and Fiona Tan, Vice-President and Account Manager of Pembroke commented on the state of the markets and provided behavioural insights.

Key Takeaways

1. As organizations continue to adapt to the pandemic, some of the adjustments being made may become permanent. Confinement and quarantine have temporarily curtailed travel, accelerated the adoption of timesaving videoconferencing and communication tools, and forced analysts, portfolio managers, and management teams to raise their technology skills. There are indications that these developments may, inadvertently, be shortening the time it takes investment teams to process new investment ideas. Gaps are also forming in the financial markets between purveyors of technology solutions, effective adopters of these solutions, and industries and enterprises that have been less effective at adapting.;

2.  Investment behaviours are formed over many years and hard-wired into investors. Increased financial market volatility, driven by oscillating pandemic data, accentuates fears and can bring out behavioral biases. Understanding and recognizing these biases and developing regular processes can help investors modify unwanted behaviours.;

3. Pembroke continues to develop tools to help our clients adapt to changing circumstances and achieve their investment goals. Our Investor Profile Summary and My3Bs Investor behavioral assessment are two recent tools available to clients. Contact your Pembroke representative to learn more.

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