Perspectives on Canadian Equity Markets (January 2021)

On Thursday, January 21st, Jeff Tory, Chairman, Partner, Director and Portfolio Manager, Stephen Hui, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Douglas Pospisil, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Nicolas Chevalier, Partner, Director and Portfolio Manager of Pembroke Management  and Andrew Bolton, Vice-President, Client Services & Business Development of Pembroke Management,  lead a discussion and shared their insights.

Key Takeaways

1. The fundamentals of Pembroke Canadian small cap portfolio companies are positive – they are generally growing both earnings and cash flow per share;

2. The recent wave of IPOs is reshaping the Canadian small cap market by increasing both the supply of potential ideas and the breadth of the market;

3.2020 provided evidence that market timing is futile – the key to benefiting from an allocation to small cap stocks is to stay invested over the long term and hire manager with the experience and expertise to do the right due diligence .

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