Cybersecurity: How Pembroke Protects Your Confidential Information


At Pembroke, we take the security of your data extremely seriously. We understand that, as a Pembroke client, you trust us with your information, and we make it our top priority to protect every piece of data you share with us.

For that purpose, we have put in place several measures to ensure safety when it comes to handling your data.

User Training and Education

We understand that people are a key factor in security and have implemented training measures for all employees.

This includes phishing simulations facilitated by an industry leader in cybersecurity awareness training. We also provide our employees with monthly training on cybersecurity topics.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our systems feature multi-factor authentication protocols, which add an extra layer of security to sensitive data. As an example, our Office 365 and Salesforce systems both incorporate this additional layer of protection, which requires employees to be identified using multiple sources before they can access them.

Depending on the platform, this is done through a cell phone app or a unique code sent via text or email.

Client Portal

In addition to providing you with a secure client portal with multi-factor authentication, our portal allows you to communicate with your Pembroke representative through a secure document mailbox, avoiding the data breaches and identity theft risks that can be associated to emails.

Network Security and Intrusion Detection

Our network is constantly protected by firewalls. To further safeguard our system from external intrusion attempts, we use a real time detection system, which allows us to detect malicious activities on Pembroke’s networks and respond quickly if necessary.

Information Technology Audits

To ensure that all our systems are compliant with modern standards, yearly information technology audits are conducted. These audits assess the effectiveness of the safeguards in place, while highlighting any weaknesses that need to be addressed or improved upon going forward.

Offsite Backup

As an additional precaution against disasters and malicious attacks, all critical data is stored offsite for extra protection and redundancy purposes. In the event of any type of disruption or attack on our systems, this ensures that no valuable information is lost.

In short, at Pembroke, we acknowledge our responsibility in safeguarding your confidential information and, therefore, make it a priority to keep up with emerging threats in the cybersecurity landscape.

We adhere strictly to both the regulatory guidelines and industry best practices guidelines. We continuously improve upon existing protocols, invest in top of line technological solutions, and train our employees.

Our overall goal: confidently provide you with exceptional service without compromising on security measures.


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