Current Markets – Discussion Between Portfolio Managers

With war in Ukraine, inflation, rising interest rates and a possible recession on the horizon, the markets are dealing with several strong headwinds.

To provide you with some information on our strategies and insights into how we are dealing with the present situation, Pembroke held an event on July 26, 2022, during which Jeff Tory led a discussion with several members of the investment team.

The team also discussed where they see opportunities for growth in the coming months and years.

Wealth Management – Insights for Your Financial Future

At Pembroke, we know that wealth management can be a challenge. To help you better understand the key aspects to keep in mind when planning for your financial future, we held an event on this topic on June 28, 2022.

This virtual event was hosted by Ian Aitken, Stephanie Pantaleo, Philippe Ryan-Giroux and David Whittall.

They uses this opportunity to discuss the purpose of wealth management and the importance of alignment, as well as topics such as diversification, asset allocation, rebalancing, financial planning and tax considerations.

Archive – All Past Recordings

To access an archive of the recordings for all past events, click here.