What Are Our Portfolio Managers Doing? Overview of the Strategies and Markets

As a follow-up to the April 2022 issue of our Perspectives newsletter, we held on May 12 an event on Pembroke’s strategies, the market conditions, and what our portfolio managers are doing in the current circumstances.

Jeff Tory led a discussion with Matthew Beckerleg, Stephen Hui, Douglas Pospisil, Andrew Garschagen and Nicolas Chevalier.

Together, they touched on the positioning of Pembroke’s strategies, the factors that are currently impacting performance, and where they expect future growth opportunities to come from.

Fixed Income Investments – Staying the Course Despite Inflation and Rising Rates

Inflation and rising interest rates have traditionally been a toxic mixture for fixed income returns.

The first quarter of 2022 has seen the sharpest increase in short-term interest rates in the last 30 years, yet Pembroke’s fixed income strategies have produced returns ahead of their representative indices.

To talk about how Pembroke’s fixed income managers have repositioned their portfolios, we held on April 25, 2022, a discussion between Richard Usher-Jones, of Canso Investment Counsel, and Peter Morton, of Pembroke.

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