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July 2023


We are pleased to announce some key changes to the leadership team at Pembroke Management and Pembroke Private Wealth Management. These changes underscore our commitment to maintaining the strong leadership continuity that has characterized the firm since 1968.

Anthony Calzetta, a dedicated member of our team since 2013, will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer and Secretary for both Pembroke Management and Pembroke Private Wealth Management. His appointment comes after years of taking on increasingly substantial roles within our organization, including his contribution to our Management Committee.

We are also happy to share that Caroline Taylor has been appointed as the new Chief Compliance Officer for Pembroke Private Wealth Management. Caroline, whose financial industry experience dates back to 2005, joined us in 2015 and has held key positions, most recently as Vice President of Branch Operations and Toronto Branch Manager.

As we welcome Anthony and Caroline in their new roles, we would like to take a moment to extend our deep gratitude to Mike McLaughlin. Since joining Pembroke in 1988, Mike has played a pivotal role in our growth, notably contributing to the successful launch of Pembroke Private Wealth Management. His tenure encompassed vital positions, such as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for both firms. We are profoundly grateful for Mike’s invaluable contributions to our organization.

While Mike is stepping back from some of his responsibilities, he will continue to contribute to Pembroke as Chief Compliance Officer of Pembroke Management, as an advisor to the Board of Directors and as a mentor to many at the firm.

These leadership transitions are a testament to Pembroke’s commitment to building a culture of continuity and growth. As always, our primary focus remains on creating value for our clients. We are confident that Anthony and Caroline will continue to uphold the high standards of service you have come to expect from Pembroke.


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