Three Opportunities in a Crowded World

On Thursday, June 10, 2021 Andy Flynn, of William Blair, Peter Morton, of Pembroke Private Wealth, and Andrew Bolton, of Pembroke Management, shared our perspective on small and mid-cap stocks in the international markets.

A few of the topics discussed:

1. William Blair’s current market assessment is that we are about to experience the “The Mother of All Recoveries”, why?

2. What are the key risks associated with the “Mother of All Recoveries” thesis?

3. Why does William Blair expect the inflation we are currently observing to be transitory

4. We all know about Silicon Valley and, as Canadians, hear about the local hubs of innovation.  Where are other pockets in Europe and Asia where growth companies and innovation are thriving?

5. With respect to meeting companies, what has been William Blair’s experience during the pandemic?  Has William Blair been able to start travelling again to meet the management of portfolio companies?

6. Why should investors consider investing a portion of  their overall portfolio outside of North America?

To learn more, please view the recording here: