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  • Pembroke's Virtual Lunch Series: Managing Portfolios During Uncertain Times

    We are pleased to share with you our new virtual lunch series discussing Pembroke's approach to managing portfolios during uncertain times. Read More
  • The ‘Taxing’ Challenges of COVID-19

    In response to the global pandemic, the Government of Canada released an Economic Response Plan, which includes a variety of measures to ease the financial impact Canadians are facing during this difficult time. Read More
  • Carrying on with Our Clients

    We are writing to let you know what Pembroke is doing to ensure the continuity of our business, the long-term strength of our investment strategies, and uninterrupted service to our clients. Read More
  • Pembroke Family Advantage Program

    As we celebrate 50 years of serving the investment needs of our clients and their families, we are pleased to announce the Pembroke Family Advantage Program. The Program enables you to extend many of the Pembroke benefits that you enjoy to virtually all members of your family. Benefits include using the combined value of family holdings to determine management fees. CONTINUED
  • 50 Years: An Opportunity to Reaffirm Our Values.

    2018 is Pembroke’s 50th anniversary. Fifty years of investing in entrepreneurial growth companies and serving the investment needs of our clients. More than the simple passage of time, 2018 is an opportunity to reaffirm and celebrate our values, consistent investment philosophy and what we have achieved for our clients. READ MORE
  • Pembroke's Mission equals client value

    Pembroke's Mission/Vision statement and guiding Values are purpose-driven and focused on client outcomes. Our Mission: To help our clients secure their financial futures. Our Vision: To be a premier investment boutique for discerning investors. In the words of Managing Partner Ian Aitken: "We exist to serve the investment needs of our clients and have been focused on doing just that for 50 years." See the entire Pembroke Mission, Vision and Values statement.
  • Demonstrated alignment with our clients

    We are the largest investors in our own mutual and pooled funds and have always emphasized the importance of ownership and the proper alignment of interests. As of December 31, 2017, the value of Pembroke funds held by employees, partners, founders and our families was well over $100 million.
    The Importance of Alignment
  • About our Business

    Pembroke Private Wealth Management, established in 1988, is an independent, boutique wealth management firm and a subsidiary of Pembroke Management, established in 1968. To access information about Pembroke Management, click on the Institutional navigation at the top of this home page.
    For non-institutional investors, our products are only available to residents of Canada.