A Word from the Pembroke Team

In 2023, Pembroke celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Pembroke Concentrated Fund, an important milestone in the life of a fund. While the past five years have been challenging, the results have been impressive. We invite you to listen to the video prepared by Andrew Garschagen, Partner and Portfolio Manager, in which he speaks about the philosophy behind the Fund and its successes.

On another note, the cyber security challenges surrounding the confidential information you entrust to Pembroke are very important to us. To learn more about how Pembroke protects you, simply read the article on this topic.

You will also find in this issue an article on an important theme in retirement planning: preparing adequately for the eventuality of incapacity.

Lastly, we invite you to read the new On the Road article. It highlights our investment in Magnet Forensics (“MAGT”) and, more importantly, illustrates perfectly how Pembroke’s approach, which combines thorough research with patience and a long-term horizon, leads to superior investment returns.


The Pembroke Team


Cybersecurity: How Pembroke Protects Your Confidential Information

At Pembroke, we take the security of your data extremely seriously. We understand that, as a Pembroke client, you trust us with your information, and we make it our top priority to protect every piece of data you share with us.

For that purpose, we have put in place several measures to ensure safety when it comes to handling your data.


March 2023 Issue

Current Markets – A Look at the International Growth Strategy

As markets try to put a difficult 2022 behind them, the outlook for global growth stocks for 2023 and beyond is bright.

To help you better understand why, Andrew Bolton hosted on February 16, 2023, a discussion with Douglas Kryscio and D.J. Nieman of William Blair.The trio used the event to discuss the key drivers of the opportunity in international growth stocks.



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